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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  July 9, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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fox 5 morning news starts right now. >> a live shot outside. we have rain across portions of the viewing area this morning and it's going to be, ready for this, a cooler today. very nice. this is monday, july 9th. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm allison seymour. crews are working around the clock to restore power by those affected by yesterday's storm. 4,000 dominion custody are without power. pepco and bge are reporting 1,000 outages in the area. >> there are still a few school closings today. in anne arundel county school programs are canceled at brooklyn park elementary, crofton woods elementary, lake shore elementary and pershing hill elementary. in prince george's county,
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frances fuchs and thomas claggett elementary are closed. let's get the latest on the forecast from tucker barnes. >> cooler weather moving in overnight. bring along an umbrella. it won't rain all day but rain in the forecast the next couple of hours. we have embedded heavier rain and thunderstorms as you get to the northeasterly this morning. frederick got enough rain that they had a flash flood warning. that gives you an idea how much rain has fallen across the area. all of this is sagging to the south and east. generally we will see things wind down later this morning, even this afternoon a few showers around but not as heavy as this morning. down at the beaches f you are in ocean city, a real good thunderstorm at the moment. teaches reagan national, much cooler than yesterday. 75 right now. warm and humid but feels a lot
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better. 77 fredricksburg. 73 in baltimore. afternoon high temperatures for the first time in about 12 days will not touch 95 or better. the highs today only 85 degrees with lots of clouds around. it should feel more comfortable this afternoon. could be a shower later today. more details on the five-day coming up. let's do traffic and see if things are slowing down on the roadway. w if you are traveling on 95 this morning. accident activity in newington tying up the left side of the roadway. be careful here as you travel off the overpass here at 7100 trying to merge to 95. accident activity, stay to the right in order to get by. on the other side of town, lanes are open top stretch of the beltway between general park and bethesda. 270 south of 28 heading through rockville, the lanes are open. the earlier crash in the local lanes has been cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. breaking news overnight in fairfax county, a deadly police
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involved shooting in alexandria. police are on the hunt for a second suspect. this started around 11:20 last night when police officers confronted two men acting suspiciously at fry road and route 1. both men an off and one suspect starting firing toward the officers. police returned fire hitting the suspect. he was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. no officers were injured. police are looking for that second suspect. this morning's other big story, cleanup efforts are under way after another round of severe weather ripped through the area. >> sunday's storms hit fredricksburg, virginia, the hardest causing serious damage there. that is where melanie alnwick is. >> reporter: good morning, allison. talking to sheriff's deputies that have been here protecting the dangerous scene all day long. they say this is where the
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majority of the damage is. throughout the area perhaps a couple of trees down, a few power lines but nothing like what we are seeing behind us at what used to be the chair fusion dance studio in fredricksburg, virginia. also fleming road. take a look. you can see through here, several hundred yards. the roof of the dance studio was lifted off, carried several hundred feet away. it landed on the roof of the home of an elderly couple. it was a microburst that may have made a bull's-eye on this office park in fredricksburg. the roof was ripped off while 25 people were inside. some cheerleaders and parents. it landed on the home of an elderly couple. that was knocked off its foundation by about two feet according to some of the people on the scene here. no life-threatening injuries but definitely some terrifying moments. >> the lady said it so we ran
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to the house. we had to kick the door in. >> reporter: those men say after they kicked the door in and went inside the kitchen was a mess. furniture was all over the place. they had to help the couple up and out of the house. obviously the home is uninhabitable. there were injuries at the dance studio. broken bones, cuts and bruises. looking at the scope of the damage here, it's hard to believe that a thunderstorm could do this kind of damage. and, tony and allison, all we can say is a small miracle that there weren't more serious injuries than a couple of broken bones and cuts. >> sure is, mel. thank you very much. in the district, police are investigation three homicides that happened in a span of 2 1/2 miles and miles apart. two men were stabbed around 10:00 saturday night in northeast. the victim a 20-year-old. less than an hour later two men
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were shot in northwest leaving a 30-year-old man dead. then after midnight police responded to a double shooting in southeast where 22-year-old died at the scene. there is no indication that any of these incidents are related. the violence continued last night. two people were stabbed in the columbia heights section of northwest. this happened before 10:00 p.m. at 14th street and spring road. police believe this started with a fight at a nearby establishment. the injuries are serious but both victims are expected to survive. tragedy this morning on maryland's eastern shore. flee boys record missing over the weekend drown. the bodies of 12-year-old cousins and an 8-year-old friend were found in marshy hope creek. they were seen playing basketball in a church parking lot saturday afternoon. no foul play is suspected. new this morning, investigators are trying to finds out what caused a massive house fire in largo, maryland.
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this broke out last night at a single family home in the 1500 block of marjorie drive. flames consumed the front of the house forcing firefighters to evacuate. no one was hurt. on the campaign trail, president barack obama is gearing up for a swing through battleground virginia later this week and mitt romney will be in aspen today following a fundraiser yesterday in the hamptons. this is as the president steps up his jabs in romney and new attack ads in swing states. are they paying off? doug luzader has more from capitol hill. reporter: the obama campaign is burning through cash on a largely negative ad campaign that has mitt romney on defense. president obama steered clear of the campaign trail this weekend but on the sunday talk shows, his surrogates were clearly given a new talking point. >> why doesn't american -- does an american businessman need a
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swiss bank account. >> when it comes to the swiss bank account there is no way to explain it. >> reporter: mitt romney has spokespersons overseas accounts a point driven home by a new obama web ad. the romney campaign says it's nothing mysterious. he paid every dime of u.s. investments but the obama campaign had a good track record of negative ads. "usa today" took a look at the ads in 12 states and found obama is winning over voters that recently made up their minds there. mitt romney is more conservative with his savings and relying on the surrogates to turn the business and finance experience into a selling point. >> i am happy. we have a president that has never run a business including a lemonade stand. >> governor, what about the swiss bank accounts. >> reporter: the romney campaign will keep reminding
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voters about last week's disappointing jobs numbers and an unemployment rate that won't budge. at the same time the romney campaign is getting plenty of unsolicited advice from convey thighs that want a much more aggressive approach. doug luzader, fox 5 news. we are monitoring metro. the green line is back up and running after a heat kink that through a train off the rails friday. no one was hurt in the derailment. the track has been repaired. green line service is back to normal. heat related speed restrictions on all lines has been lifted. it's 9 minutes after 7:00. still ahead a deadly weekend for american troops in afghanistan. what happened and who is claiming responsibility. >> from the west coast to the east, shark attacks are on the rise this year. details about two close encounters over the weekend. that is next.
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is 0. six americans are killed in afghanistan and the taliban is taking responsibility. nato says they died in a bomb yesterday. two died in southern afghanistan but there is no word yet on their nationalities. in addition to the nato deaths, more than 20 civilians died in bombings on sunday. world health officials continue to investigate the
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cause behind the mysterious deaths of dozens of children in cambodia. over the weekend they announced a link to many of the cases to a strain of hand, foot and mouth disease. last year it sickened 10,000 people in vietnam and killed over 150 mostly children over 3 years old. closer to home, the summer of shark sitings. a -- sightings. a stretch of beach was closed after a kayaker spotted a shark 100 yards offshore. it may have been attracted by seals close to the beach. in california a man was fishing when a great white shark lift its kayak and attacked the front end. the man fell out but was rescued by a nearby boater. >> that is scary. >> sure is. >> don't get that started here. >> i have a beach vacation that i look forward to every year. i don't want to hear this. >> i wouldn't worry about it. >> the chances are not very
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good. >> it has to be that one. not me. >> true. keeping it real. >> i was in the chesapeake bay this weekend and the whole time i was totally paranoid that a crab would bite my foot. >> a little different than a great white shark. >> a crab hurts. >> the slashing bites you worse. >> it's -- the shark bites you worse. >> it's a pinch. >> all right. what is the temperature going to be. >> showers and thunderstorms moving through the area. you don't want to get bit by a crab. showers moving through pushing to the south and to the east. thunderstorm activity pushing off the shore. ocean city good rains the last couple of hours. this is fading to the south. the cold front yesterday hanging up and slowly chugging
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to the south. we will take or drag much of the rain shower activity during the course of the day. the rain will wind down by late morning then mostly cloudy afternoon. maybe peeks of sunshine, particularly north of the city and a few scattered showers. the heaviest rain is early. temperatures and much, much improvement over yesterday. 74 now in washington. 73 leonardtown. 70 in martinsburg. the high temperature yesterday 102 degrees. good for a record. four days in a row with the temperature of 100 or higher. shattering records the last couple of days across the country. 60s off to the north and west. detroit 66. 68 chicago. we haven't done that in a couple of days. there is the bigger look at the cold front. it will push to the south. the clouds will stick around today. five-day forecast, notice the cooler temperatures all week long. by thursday and friday highs in the 80s with scattered showers each day or maybe a thunderstorm.
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>> unsettled weather but cooler. >> we need the rain and cooler temperatures. >> thanks, tuck. let's find out what is happening on the roads. there are problems out there. julie wright has the latest. >> reporter: something that we aren't used to is the rain. northbound 395, minor accident causing problems for those continuing northbound on 395 trying to make your way past the scene up to washington boulevard. again traffic on the right side of the highway is making traffic squeeze by using the two left lanes only. north on 395 big delays. shirlington, two left lanes able to get by out to the 14th street bridge. the other side of town, better ride south on 270. lanes are open 109. southbound through the rockville interchanges, one accident to report on the southbound stretch of the baltimore washington parkway. continuing to work your way southbound approaching 450, the accident activity involving three cars is in play. that ties up the right side of
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the highway. head's up on the beltway through riverdale. that's a check of the fox 5 on- time traffic. >> thank you very much. a few days rest for the nationals and the men's olympic basketball roster is set and looking good. >> here is dave ross. >> reporter: we were excited about the three guys that got in, strasburg and gonzalez and desmond. then we found out desmond can't go because of an oblique injury, not due to getting bit by a crab. then we got the news about bryce harper. a bizarre 24 hours span there. we kicked off or fin knicked up the first haft of the -- finished up the first half of the season. 17 home runs, 51 rbis at the
7:19 am
break. he has been good. davey's point rest him up. if you are a first time all star, don't you want to go. >> i don't know where the oblique is. >> it's an ab. i don't have one of those. >> is it one of the six-pack. >> when you have a 1 or zero pack you can't hurt those so i'm fine. again, all in all 15 games over 500. 4 1/2 over the mets. i am astounded 14 game lead over philadelphia. >> fantastic. >> incredible. here is what we were talking about with bryce harper. he is the youngest ever position player in the history of major league baseball -- the all star game has been in business for 80 years. he is the youngest to go at the age of 19. some people were saying on facebook and twitter he didn't earn it. yes he did. that's the rules. he was next in line. congratulations. talking about greatness,
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roger federer is spectacular. so do what he is doing at 30. yesterday he took on andy murray. all of great britain was rooting for andy murray. they haven't had a winner since 1936. >> that's unbelievable. >> snake bit at their own tournament. but when you got guys like federer, seven time wimbledon champ, astounding what he has done over his career. congratulations to the great roger federer. you talk about the basketball and they are set and ready to go. this is the dream team. some don't like using that term because they think back to magic but kevin durant is on this team for the first time. lebron is on it for the third time. carmelo anthony doesn't look excited, his third time. they will train in d.c. in july and play an exhibition game -- >> you are kidding. >> wisdom is already hitting me up for tickets. >> my son loves lebron.
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>> here we go. they will take on brazil but it should be exciting to see the new dream team in d.c. only exhibition game. >> i know we don't have time for this. i don't understand how those pros can play in the olympics. >> that was a long time ago. we crossed that barrier. >> i'm against it. >> paid athletes should not be in the olympics but that is an off the wall subject. maybe you can sub in for wisdom. >> okay. don't forget my son. >> wow. >> 7:21 now. a crackdown on drunken drivers in the district based on how much a person has to drink. more on the mayor's proposal next. [ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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president obama is expected to call on congress to pass a one year extension on part of the bush era tax cuts. the president wants to make the tax cuts permanent for families earning less than $250,000 a year. republicans and congress want to extend it to everyone. the tax cuts first enacted by president george w. bush are set to expire in january. harsher penalties for drunken drivers could be coming to the district. the washington examiner reports mayor vince gray introduced a bill that would impose tougher sentences that include mandatory jail time for those that are twice the legal limit. the d.c. council has yet to schedule a hearing to discuss
7:26 am
the proposal and the council begins a two-month recess at the end of the week. are you having trouble getting online this morning? it may be because of malaware infecting your computer. thousands across the country had the internet shut down after midnight. the fbi did it after trying to take down hacker's servers last year. at the time they realized if they turned them off all the victims would lose internet access. the feds created a safety net that was switched off last night. it is a monday morning. coming up, another face off between republicans and democrats over disappointing job numbers. we will take a closer look after the break. >> i'm sorry for what happened, sir. >> it is i who owe -- >> baby boomers know him for his role on michaele's navy in the 1960s. kids recognize his voice from sponge bob square pants. still ahead, a look back at the
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life of oscar winning actor ernest borgnine. 
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ernest borgnine passed away in an l.a. hospital yesterday with his family by his side. his career spanned seven decades and included movies like marty, from here to eternity anded wild bunch and make hail's navy. he served a total of 10 years in the navy. he was 95 years old. >> wow. >> as a kid, i am a baby boomer, i knew him on michaele's navy, him and tim conway. they heart teamed up for sponge bob. if you know him from his later day roles, check out the early movies. they are in black and white but a good actor. >> life well lived. 95 years old. >> yeah. >> okay. >> long life. >> it is. >> good for him. i want to thank crystal. she wrote in on facebook and says she is a crab bite
7:31 am
survivor. there are a lot of us out there. >> i am not taking anything away from you. crab bites are bad. >> it's a pinch. >> a pinch. >> but compared to a shark attack. >> i understand where you are going. >> let's get to the heat wave from yesterday. to put a wrap on it, that was perhaps the worst in washington history. look at some of these stats, incredible. 11 straight days 95 or above. we have never done that in about 140 years of record keeping. 40 straight days at 100 or above. yesterday set a record. saturday 105. temperature was 80 or above for three straight days. then four daily temperature records were broken at reagan over the 11 day stretch including saturday and sunday as mentioned we had all time
7:32 am
record highs both days. let's talk cooler temperatures. nice relief after what we endured this weekend. temperatures have fallen into the 70s. afternoon high temperatures will be in the mid-80s today. first time in about two weeks. 79 quantico. 70 in leonardtown. winchester 78. 7 omar continuesburg. nicer weather. showers and thunderstorms, some of the storms are strong on the overnight hours but they are winding down. there is the satellite and radar. what is happening, the front from yesterday is hanging up to the south across central virginia. it will fade into southern virginia during the course of the day and drag with it the moisture. the trend will be to take the rain showers and thunderstorms out of the forecast. i don't think we will completely lose the cloud cover. if you are watching south of washington, the risk of a shower is in the forecast. 85 the daytime high.
7:33 am
plenty of afternoon clouds. winds 5 to 10. mostly cloudy tonight. 71 the overnight low. a little unsettled this week. that is code for showers and storms in the forecast the next several days. it won't rain all day. a chance for showers each afternoon. check out the cooler temperatures all week long. we will enjoy highs in the 80s. we will take it while we can get it. that is weather. let's see if julie wright delivers with good news. >> not easy to do. we have problems on the roads. three-car pileup southbound on the the baltimore washington parkway before 350. that is in place tying up the right side of the highway. big delays leaving 197 out of laurel. 24 miles per hour heading from laurel to riverdale. inbound 50 on the brakes as you travel westbound from the 410 out to the new york kenilworth split. this is eastbound on 66 into the district. the accident activity tying up the far left lane. that is the h.o.v.
7:34 am
lane. head's up eastbound 66 before you reach 50 in fair oaks a couple of vehicles involved in the crash with fire and rescue on the scene. expect delays in centreville and close to the capital beltway. 395 wreck at washington boulevard is confined to the shoulder. all lanes are open here. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> thanks, julie. a hot topic on the campaign trail over the weekend, the economy and the june jobs report. the number of jobs added was lower than expected with employers only hiring 80,000 new workers. how is this playing out in the race for the white house? joining us with more is the honorable mark kennedy, professor and director at george washington university. thanks for coming on the show. >> good to be with you, allison. >> when the report came out last week, what did you think in your position and someone that watches this closely, what does this mean first for us,
7:35 am
the american economy. >> it means that we will have a harder time finding a job if we are looking for one or children or uncle that is unemployed. that is a big concern. what we are doing must not be working yet. this has to be a big concern. it will be a big campaign topic for the months ahead. >> it's disappointing. some say unexpected. why? what should it have been. what will the indicator need to be to say we are on the path now to real recovery. folks are getting back to work. >> if you look at the number of new people on the job market every month. we need a couple hundred thousand new jobs every month in order to break even, keep up with the new people coming on, much leasing after the backlog. with 8.2% unemployment and higher percentage of those that have given up not looking for jobs, this is concerning. it shows you wherever we need to be we are not there yet.
7:36 am
>> this is like four something months out until the general election. what do the candidates need to do to say i can get this country back to work and is that message for those who support president obama are we waiting to here something more now. >> even though the temperatures are scorching, the campaigns are luke warm at best. they are being timid both of them trying to battle it out at the line of scrimmage, each trying to discredit the other. obama is trying to not make romney be viewed in the eyes of voters as a credible alternative and romney trying to discredit the obama campaign as unable to create the number of jobs. i think we need to go beyond that and talk about the bigger broader issues that are affecting the inability to get the job market rolling. >> what do you think are some of those? as someone that sits there not in office any more what do you think needs to happen? can anything work if the people
7:37 am
that provide the jobs are still unsure about this economy. what needs to happen. >> it's about what you just said, being unsure, uncertainty. until businesses understand what will happen with the fiscal clip coming up this fall, which this jobs numbers makes worse, less people paying in and more people receiving so the need to increase the debt ceiling, the bush era tax cuts that need to be addressed as well as this sequester, it's all facing us. they don't know what will happen. unless they know, they won't start the job machine rolling. that's where either campaign has an opportunity to talk about something bigger, what they will do, how they will address in a bipartisan way the fiscal clip. >> frightening stuff there. you are talking about the debt ceiling. what we have been putting ban
7:38 am
dads on. the government won't shut down, these kind of things. what does things in europe play into this. >> if you look at america's debt levels, our debt levels as a nation are as high as those facing catastrophic decisions in europe except we are not talking about them. they are. they are further down the path. i think a lot of americans realize that we are in as tough a shape of europe but our politicians are not being courageous to address them. they don't want to go through the reduction in economic growth prospects that europe is going through. that's where i think there is a breakout opportunity for either candidate to say i will work with whoever is in congress. my first priority, make bold commitments. i won't raise money for myself and others until it gets done. if we had a candidate of either side, either obama or romney to step forward and did that, i
7:39 am
think it would be a game changer what people are talking about and who is ahead. >> independent voters may be waiting for that. >> they are looking for it. right now battle lines. even the recent tax cut, 100,000 versus if fully extend the bush tax cuts are well played lines that don't have much appeal to independent voters. they are playing to the bases. we have to get beyond playing to the bases and talk about the issues if either campaign wants a decisive win this fall. >> congressman mark kennedy retired and professor and director at george washington university. >> thank you. it just keeps going and going and going. no, it's not a battery. it's a car about to make history once again. that story is next. and the chick-fil-a food truck returns to the district. how you can score a fee meal later this week. ♪
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making headlines, heave shelling in syria. 91 -- heavy shelling in syria. 91 were killed. in a rare interview to german television, the syrian president assad says he is not going anywhere. >> president shouldn't run away from challenge and we have a national challenge now in syria. the president shouldn't escape the situation. >> this morning the u.n. special envoy kofi annan wrapped up a meeting with the syrian president. he admitted that the peace plan failed. closer to home, firefighters in southern idaho have a new challenge this morning, strong winds. crews hoped to have a fast moving wildfire which burned over 75,000 acres in 24 hours fully contained. but conditions have improved elsewhere in the west helping
7:44 am
crews gain ground on fires in colorado and utah. the waldo canyon fire in colorado springs is 98% contained. this car may be old but it's a reliable set of wheels. in 1966 irvin gordon bought this red volvo for $2,000. today he still drives it everywhere he goes. the car clocked more than 2 million miles, the equivalent of more than 1,000 times around the globe. he holds the guiness world record mark for highest milage. his goal is to hit 3 million by next year. >> where does he drive it. >> high mileage club. >> all right. >> all i'm saying, volvo needs to plaque him the spokesperson.
7:45 am
>> beautiful car. >> all you do is a commercial with him and his car, talk about it, that's it. >> great. that's great. >> all right. >> makes my car feel like brand- new with. >> a lot of mileage comes experience. >> too late on the comeback. >> rain showers and thunderstorms moving through the area fading to the south this morning. you know what, this afternoon maybe a few peeks of sunshine north of the city. to the south, fredricksburg, southern maryland you will be in the clouds. we need the rain and along with it the cooler temperatures. we will take it. heaviest rain is north and west of the city. up to 70 in frederick and loudoun county, a good shower or maybe a thunderstorm. we did have thunderstorms earlier pushing through the area with the front. temperature at reagan, this
7:46 am
is nice, 74 at reagan. bwi marshall 72. looking at futurecast, there you go. notice this afternoon a few scattered showers. the clouds hold tough south of the city. maybe a few peeks of sunshine north. then overnight most of the area should clear out. a little unsettled this week. the possibility of a shower or storm in the forecast each day along with cooler temperatures, only the 80s all week long. today we will be about 20 cooler than ideas and the day before. >> still -- than yesterday and the day before. >> and still in the 80s. what is happening on the roads. julie wright is standing by with traffic. >> i walked in from radio. did i hear you say you were in the mile high club. >> no, no, no. something completely different. >> i wasn't sure. i wanted to correct that. wow, tony. flying the friendly skies. >> no, no, no.
7:47 am
>> washington parkway the accident is here before 450 tying up the right side of the parkway with big delays out of laurel. 24 miles per hour heading to the accident scene. inbound 50 is well below speed inbound from 410. outer loop of the belt way leaving 35 to get past coles road. eastbound 66, the remains of the crash are here before you reach 50. left side of the roadway is blocked with fire rescue on the scene. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> all right, julie, thank you much. this is one of the songs that made rod stewart's fans go crazy. this is one of his big hits.
7:48 am
two music legends teamed up on the concert circuit. you have a chance to see them for free. we are talking about rod stewart and stevie nicks. the tour comes to the verizon center on july 27th. for a chance to win two tickets go to our web site. you must be 18 to enter. complete rules are on the web site. here is your chance for free food. chick-fil-a is launching the new food truck in the district. it will serve lunch from 11:30 until 2:00 p.m. with stops rat union station, farragut square and m street. it cull mine natures with cow appreciation day on friday the 13th. customers wearing cow apparel get a free meal. those with cow accessories get a free even tray. >> where would you get that?
7:49 am
i guess a costume store. a group of landscapers will give back to the men and women that made the ultimate sacrifice. >> holly is live at arlington national cemetery with details. >> good morning. they are getting ready to start the day of service here. they are having the opening ceremony of sorts. we are talking about hundreds of professionals that have come from across the country to give of materials, their time and their service to help keep and preserve the wonderful monument that arlington national cemetery is. we will talk about what is on the docket for today and why they do this, why the mission is important. important. it's the perfect match for the perfect moment --
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over the years this next group of vets and volunteers
7:53 am
contributed more than $2 million to the care of a national landmark. this morning they are teaming up with a group of schoolchildren. >> this is for the renewal and remembrance project, the 16th annual project. holly morris joins us from arlington national cemetery with more. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are talking about a big day of charity. 400 members. 50 children coming out later to take part. they are giving of materials and their time and service and it's to renew this wonderful monument of arlington national cemetery and remember obviously those who have given the ultimate sacrifice and those buried here. phil fogerty is a member. he has organized the event in the past. good morning. >> good morning, holly. >> reporter: thanks for coming out on this soggy day albeit cooler. >> we will take it. >> reporter: explain what will go on today. this is no token giving here.
7:54 am
there is real work that will happen. >> yeah. for 16 years we have been coming out to arlington every year. it has grown. we have done more acres and things. at one time it was lawn care then tree care and irrigation system is being reworked here. the scope of work continues to grow as does the folks that come out to do it. >> obviously everyone here that lives in our area knows this is a big place. give us the magnitude of the land that you are dealing with here today. >> 500 acres of cemetery and we only do a portion of it each year. some of that is based on what area needs to be treated. we do soil testing and all that to make sure what we are doing is the right thing at the right time. we do what they need us to do. if we can make this place greener we feel like people will heal faster. when they come by arlington, there is a great connection between green and our lives and how we live and think. >> it's interesting you say that. we take for granted that this
7:55 am
place is beautiful and should be beautiful. people maybe don't realize that on the surface but they would notice if it wasn't. >> landscaping is the kinds of thing that you miss when it's gone. when it's here and perfect, it feels right that you are here at arlington and everything is green and growing. we feel better what is going on and what is happening to make the country the way it is. >> all you need is a 5000-acre umbrella -- 500-acre umbrella. >> everyone is used to working in the elements. we will take the 20-degree lower temperatures and drizzle. >> good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> reporter: why was it important for you to be here today. >> we feel like it's a way to give back. i was never in the service.
7:56 am
phil inspired me to come help. we feel like this is something that we can do to give back to our nation and give back to all of those that served. >> you were in the service. as a veteran, what does it mean to you to be here. >> as a veteran, come out and do the work is special. being allowed to come means a lot. not only as a veteran but a member of the planet. whether you are a veteran or not, all the volunteers, it means a lot to them. >> i know you will be doing lining and aerating. explain what is going on. >> we will have 11 teams applying limestone. it makes the soil sweeter so the grass grows better. they will do 150 acres of lime. we have three teams doing about 30 acres of aeration, punching holes in the ground that let's the air get in and the water
7:57 am
and softens the soil. >> reporter: how much this needed right now? >> well, liming is part of the routine maintenance. arlington has their own crews but this is a little extra. we feel this is something that we can do as extra. it's like everybody has what they need to do. we come in and do the wish list, a few extra things. >> reporter: wonderful. thank you for taking your time and doing the trip. is our web site and we have a link to planet. in the next hour they will tackle the trees in arlington. we will talk about that in the next hour. next hour. 
7:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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8:00 am
straight ahead at 8:00 adding insult to injury after life gets back to normal, another one takers through parts of the metro -- tears through parts of the metro region. a green light on the green
8:01 am
line. how crews got metro back up and running after heat caused a track to derail. male wear monday. thousands worldwide are waking up without the web. what you need to know if you have trouble logging on. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm allison seymour. the relief from the heat is here. last night's storms men's more people begin the workweek with no power. crews are working to restore power to customers affected by the storms yesterday. nearly 4,000 dominion customers in northern virginia are without power. pepco is reporting less than 300 now outages. bge has 700 in anne arundel, howard, prince george's as well. some schools will be closed. school con sorted programs in anne arundel county are canceled at brooklyn park,
8:02 am
crofton woods, lake shore and pershing hill. and in prince george's county frances fuchs, thomas claggett elementary are closed. a couple minutes after 8:00 now. tucker is here. some relief is on the way from the heat. >> overnight the cold front has been moving in. much cooler temperatures. highs in the mid-80s. rain showers and a few thunderstorms out there to start the morning. we will take it. it felt great when i walked out. it's raining. great. there is the radar. most of the shower activity or heaviest is off to the north and west of washington up 270 working to frederick. loudoun county getting in on rains. scattered showers for the rest of us. the showers wind down in the next couple of hours. later this afternoon, roughly south of washington a mostly cloudy day. northern maryland you may see a
8:03 am
little sunshine as the front is a slow mover. temperatures are cooler. 74. we will take it. humidity up, 85%. winds out of the north at 10 miles per hour as the cold front continues to push south. check out the high temperatures, mid-80s. 85 washington, annapolis and front royal. yesterday 102 a record at reagan. >> manage goodness. it felt like it, every degree. >> it was brutal. here is julie wright with an update on the rush hour traffic. >> reporter: a lot is going on. traveling inbound on route 50 head's up trying to work toward annapolis. accident at richie road. roadway was shut down but now it's the two left lanes. accident still in place southbound dealey parkway before 450. right side is blocked leaving 197. average speed 11 miles per hour out of laurel. inbound 50 does not save time,
8:04 am
it's congested at 410. branch to telegraph a 15-minute commute. slow going springfield to gal loss and southbound 270 you can see it's bumper-to-bumper traffic slow making your with out to the lane divide. 56 minute ride with all lanes open. that's a check of the fox 5 on- time traffic. >> julie, thank you much. our big story, cleanup efforts are underway in fredricksburg, virginia. this is after severe storms caused damage in the area. melanie alnwick is live in fredricksburg with the latest. sorry about that. >> reporter: that's okay. i know you can appreciate this. let me give you a sense of the storm that blew through. before 5:00 it was 95 degrees here. then within the hour the temperature dropped to 70 degrees. huge temperature swing. then the winds and lightning
8:05 am
came. lightning strikes recorded about 249 per minute. sustained winds of about 35 miles per hour. then we had a crazy gust which could be a microburst come through here. we are waiting for the national weather service to give us a final word. take a look. you can see how the wind blew in a straight line all the way through this business park knocking down the exterior walls of this cheer studio, picking up the roof, throwing it on top of a home there and i know it looks like a drapey structure over there but there is major equipment. there are steel beams and on top of that other house there is air conditioner units. you can get a sense that it was a strong wind, powerful. the home that it is on belongs to an elderly couple. it knocked the home off the foundation. people had to jump into action to help people out of the buildings. the winds hit the front of the business park and we have new video of that to show you.
8:06 am
we went to the front of the business park. there is a mattress store there, a battery store and a hair salon there. it ripped off part of the roof. the owner of the hair salon and her daughter were inside when the hail and the sheets of rain struck. >> she opened the business a little over a year ago and it was her heart and soul. and it's gone. it's gone. >> and what everyone is saying as they come here, they are amazed there aren't more serious injuries. the people inside the hair salon not seriously injured. a couple of broken bones from the cheer studio and a couple of cuts and bruises but tony and allison, they escaped what could have been a tragic situation when you think it's just material things lost here in fredricksburg.
8:07 am
back to you. >> the destruction is remarkable. all right, melanie, thank you. as tucker mentioned earlier, parts of the nation are getting relief from the heat. ten days of near triple digit temperatures have taken a toll. the weather is being blamed for as many as 46 deaths across the country. more than 200 heat related records have been broken. allison? good news, tony, for green line riders. metro says service is back to normal after a derailment friday. crews repaired the track damaged. you can see the big kink in the track near the west hyattsville station. heat related speed restrictions on all lanes have been lifted. the heat is being blamed for lingering problems on route 50 at 197. the heat buckled the road forcing police to close several lanes. expect delays in the area while crews work to repair the road.
8:08 am
new this morning, one man is dead and another is on the run after an overnight shoot out with police in fairfax county. this happened a little before midnight near fry road and route 1 in the mount vernon section of alexandria. sources say officers observed the two men acting suspiciously. when they approached, the suspects fled. both officers gave chase and became involved in a struggle with one of those men. that's when the suspect opened fire. police returned fire shooting and killing him. there is still no word on that suspect's identity. a violent weekend in the district. police are investigating three homicides that happened within a span of 2 1/2 hours and just miles apart. two men were stabbed around 10:00 saturday night in northeast less than an hour later two men were shot in northwest. >> then shortly after midnight there was a double shooting in southeast. in each case a young man died.
8:09 am
police do not believe the cases are related. and the violence did not end there. two people were stabbed in the columbia heights section of northwest before 10:00 last night at 14th and spring road. police believe this started with a fight. the injuries are serious but both victims are expected to survive. now to a developing story. internet providers are bracing for hundreds if not thousands of calls this morning. >> because people worldwide could wake up to find that they can't get online due to a malicious software. wisdom martin is back in the studio with details. >> a lot of nervous people on the computers yesterday. we mentioned this last week. fbi was putting out warnings for months asking computer owners to take simple steps to see if they were infected. officials estimated at more than 60,000 people would lose the internet connection when the clock struck midnight this morning. this is due to a piece of malaware called the dnf
8:10 am
changer. last year the fbi busted a ring of cyber criminals that created the bug. agents realized if they turned off the hacker's servers, the hackers would lose internet service. they set up a temporary server but the safety net expired this morning leading to what many people are calling internet doomsday or malaware monday. popular web sites like google and facebook alerted users if they detected the malaware. officials believe the number of people impacted was reduced greatly. but if you did not check your computer and people didn't even realize this was going on, if you didn't check for the dns changer and you can't get online, you have to make sure to contact your internet service provider for help. tony and allison, back to you. i was talking to people on the phone and internet last night, they didn't know about it.
8:11 am
i had to tell them. they were surprised and concerned at the same time. >> thank you, sir. >> thanks, wisdom. he didn't have a traditional leading man's face but that didn't stop him from becoming a star. >> a look back at the career of oscar winner ernest borgnine. [ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
8:12 am
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>> did i not say i was about to go to the beach next month? my goodness. it's the summer of shark sightings in the waters off massachusetts. >> take a look at this picture. this is scary. imagine turning around and seeing that. this picture was captured over
8:15 am
the weekend. it shows what could be a great white shark feet from a kayaker. the 10 to 12-foot shark was spotted within 100 yards of the shore prompts authorities to -- prompting authorities to close the beaches. is that it again? those are seals, okay. this will be the third sighting of the species off cape cod. the word is if you see seals, be worried because the sharks are going after the seals. >> what? okay. if you are afraid of heights you may not want to watch the next two stories. in chicago crews spent the weekend near the top of the world modernizing the famous willis tower. crews used a helicopter to remove an outdated antenna 1700 feet in the air. crews have to reconfigure the tower for an installation of a new digital antenna when it
8:16 am
arrives in the windy city. >> those are special people that can do that. >> this is disturbing. in china a tight walker is okay after falling 700 feet during a stunt gone wrong. the daredevil was trying to walk backwards blindfolded almost a half mile. but an hour into the journey, oh, oh, oh, oh, -- i'm sorry. i shouldn't be watching that. an hour into the journey he slipped and fell. he suffered minor injuries despite taking no safety precautions. he blamed a wind gust. >> he is on the tight rope blind folded walking backwards. take any one of those things out and make it easier. >> that is amazing. >> miracle. tucker is -- that was funny when tony was doing the
8:17 am
yelling. >> i'm dizzy. >> i didn't watch. >> i shouldn't have watched. >> let's get to the fox 5 photo of the day. time for my first five photo of the day. hello to kylin carter. this is a picture from his first birthday party. >> where would you want to have the first birthday party? >> chuck e cheese. >> he is so cute. >> that is adorable. >> he went for the cake. >> tucker did you see ted. >> yes. >> a scene in the chuck e. cheese. >> for those of us who did not see ted can we focus on kylin. >> this ted is not appropriate for one year olds. happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> cute picture. we love it. let's do some rain and thunderstorms. they continue to fall across
8:18 am
the air pushing to the south very slowly. we will take the rain. we desperately need it and cooler temperatures, too. here is the good news. if you are done with the rain, it will generally be pushing to the south. the trends will she to improve things a little bit this afternoon. a few weeks of sunshine a few showers, particularly south of the city later on this afternoon as the front fades south and south and east later today. temperatures are cooler behind the front. check it out. 74 in washington. 72 baltimore. 75 this morning in fredricksburg. our afternoon high temperatures after even during what was probably one of the worst heat waves in washington history are better today. high temperatures in the mid- 80s. that will feel bitter than the 102 we had yesterday and the 105 saturday afternoon. much cooler temperatures, not only today but the entire week. enjoy the highs in the mid- to upper-80s. could be a few showers or storms each day as the we either pattern will be a little
8:19 am
unsettled for this week. that's weather. let's do traffic and julie wright has the latest. >> all right. on the roads you will find you are in trouble with delays traveling westbound on 50 coming in from annapolis you will find the accident activity at richie highway tying up the two left lanes. there is the accident activity eastbound at the severn river bridge. bw parkway accident cleared before you reach 450. big delays out of laurel. beltway slow moving across the wilson bridge to telegraph, 19 plant commute. southbound 270, gridlock heading out to the lane divide. over an hour commute. and all lanes are open, no accidents to report at this time. meanwhile, traveling eastbound 66, a crash is there. it has been moved to the shoulder. delays out of centreville. fender bender in the h.o.v. lanes moved to the shoulder. look for delays to dick street
8:20 am
heading north. >> thanks, julie. the start of another busy week on the campaign trail. today president obama will launch a push to extended the so-called bush era tax cuts for the middle class. during a white house address later today he will stress to congress he wants a temporary extension that will expire after one year. the tax cut would apply to anyone making less than $250,000 a year. presumptive republican nominee mitt romney is back on the campaign trail after a week off. he will campaign in aspen after a fundraiser yesterday in the hamptons. meanwhile he is facing more criticism for his offshore financial holdings. president obama's campaign is calling on the former governor to release more tax returns. this follows reports that he transferred ownership of a company to his wife the day before he became the governor of massachusetts. in a statement reported in the "boston globe," romney's camp says he paid every disciple of taxes he owes. don't look now but gas
8:21 am
prices are on the rise. the national average for a gallon of regular is 3.38. that is 5 cents higher than a week ago. it's 16 cents less than this time last month. in our area gas is about 3.52 in d.c. 3.22 in virginia. experts a tribute the recent trend on a run up in crude prices related to europe's debt crisis. pulling out the big guns in the fight over the situation in syria. still ahead at 8:00 we will wrap up some of the stories making hijackers around the world including a -- headlines around the world. the world. matters. pioneers in outsourcing us jobs supports tax breaks overseas. insourcing. industry and favors bring jobs home. it matters. this message.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
making headlines, six american soldiers are dead after a roadside bomb explosion in afghanistan. the six were serving with nato in an eastern part of the nation. the taliban is taking credit for the attack. 29 people died in attacks throughout afghanistan on sunday. in syria, president assad gave a rare interview in
8:25 am
english to german tv. >> he says that he is not afraid of meeting the same fate as former leaders of libya and egypt. he blames the united states for the violence in syria. >> what is the role of the united states in this conflict. >> it's part of the conflict. they offer an umbrella and support to create or to destabilize the area. >> special peace envoy for the united nations met with as sad this morning. kofi annan admitted that his peace plan has failed. when u.s. lawmakers go on tv to debate, they don't bring guns. that's not what happened in jordan. one politician accuses the other of corruption and buying his seat in parliament. the other takes off his shoe and throws it at the accuser and takes out a gun all on live television. no shots were fired. the lawsuit could be forced to
8:26 am
resign. >> that is wild stuff. it really is. >> different from what we are used to. >> it's a monday morning. still ahead in the next half hour, the nats head back into the break. they have plenty of reasons to party. >> dave ross is on deck with a preview. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more and more for cable -- and enjoying it less? upgrade to verizon fios internet, tv and phone for just $99.99 a month, guaranteed for a year with no annual contract. or choose a two-year contract
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8:29 am
let's take a look at some of the stories making headlines. another round of severe storms causing serious damage in our area. this was the scene in fredricksburg, virginia, where heavy winds, pounding rain and hail destroyed the dance studio and the homes, too. the roof of the studio slammed into an elderly couple's home a
8:30 am
few hundred yards away. building area inspectors will assess the damage. pepco says everyone that lost power last month has got it back. crews made the last of the connections over the weekend. pepco and other maryland utilities have three weeks to submit reports to the public utility commission on how they responded to the storm that knocked out hundreds of thousands off the grid. out west, firefighters made a lot of progress in colorado and utah in the wildfires there with the help of the cold and wet weather. the governor of colorado lifted a statewide fire ban but a large wildfire in southern idaho is spreading. it burned 117 square miles. tucker barnes joins us with an update on today's forecast. big improvements. >> nice, cooler temperatures. rain showers out there. we probably endured the worst heat wave in washington history. >> good riddance.
8:31 am
>> not only a long run of hot days but four days in a row of 100-degree plus temperatures. >> felt like it started melting stuff. like my car wax overnight working right. >> you didn't want to go outside. awful. >> let's talk about the heat wave. we have numbers for you. tony mentioned one of them. we had four days in a row including yesterday where temperatures were 100 or better. 11 straight days at 95 or above. four strays days at 100 or above including saturday and sunday. both days we set record temperatures, 105 saturday and 102 yesterday. even during the overnight hours the temperature did not fall below 80 for three days. cooler temperatures moving in overnight. they are here to stay today. it will be warm and humid but we are not talking about 100.
8:32 am
75 in washington. 75 leonard town. 73 in manassas and dulles. 68 in winchester. showers and storms developed overnight. those are with us for the morning commute. still hanging around parts of the area. the trend will be to thin out the showers and storms and introduce more and more in the way of sunshine this afternoon if you are north of the city. south of the city the front is a slow mover. you will have more in the way of cloudiness. mostly cloudy day with a few scattered showers around. southern maryland, eastern shore, south central virginia cloudy conditions expected. we will take it. cooler temperatures are here to stay. 85 this afternoon. check out the five days here. everyday this week temperatures in the 80s. overnight lows much more refreshing. upper 60s and 70s with a couple scattered showers in the forecast. tony and allison back to you with sports. well, he is in but on a
8:33 am
technicality. i know. bryce harper is an all star after all. >> dave ross is here with a look back at the first half of the nats season. >> great events this weekend. i love watching wimbledon. you get up to have your tea and -- >> crumpets. >> what is a crumpet exactly? i don't know. you feel bad for great britain because they haven't had a y nner since 1936. murray they had a chance. it didn't work out that way. as far as the nats go, a big surprise that ian desmond can't go to the all star game. he is an all star but we saw what he did yesterday, tony and allison. he looks great. 17 home runs. 51 rbis. he has a bad oblique so they will rest him. that was the decision made. >> does he have to agree to it. >> he agreed to it. >> we will hear from him next hour about that. it is a head scratcher.
8:34 am
this team -- the reason why, this team is as good as it has ever been. he wants to make sure that they are on all cylinders moving into the second half of the season. here is dave via seeing the first half. >> i think everybody feels good. they are looking for the break. a lot of close games. everybody from the offense toed pull pen, starting pitcher outstanding and good time for a break and come back in our division, looking forward to the second half. >> you got to realize -- take a look here. this graphic illustrates how good they have been. the best record is in 2005, they ended up 500. i don't think this team will fall apart like that team did. this is not historically a good time of the year for the nats.
8:35 am
we are reaching unchartered waters. what dave is trying to -- davey is trying 0 to do is get them to think long term. if he takes three days off to recoup the oblique i think that is the thought process. now back to wimbledon. andy murray and roger federer. he may be the greatest player in the history of tennis what they are saying after getting his 17th major title by beating murray the pride of scotland and all of great britain was behind andy murray slipping on the grass. not a lot of grass after two weeks of tennis. come on. somebody help me out. but federer is great. when you talk about the tiger woods and so on and so forth, the individual sports, he may be the best. roger, i don't think he can fully contemplate what he has done use yet.
8:36 am
>> so much on the line. trying to think of the world ranking. that will, for a change, take longer to sort of understand what i was able to achieve today. it was crazy how it all happened, unled the circumstances. so, i played terrific. >> allison, did you like the outfit? >> did he say i played terrific. >> he did. >> terrifically? >> no, just the fact that it seems weird, he played beautiful. >> but to hear him say it. >> we didn't mention kate and pippa in the stand. >> i don't know that they were routing for roger. they were routing for -- >> but they were there. >> andy murray, great britain the royalty was out. >> i did like the sweater. >> i know that was the
8:37 am
question. >> since 1975, when arthur ashe won it, 30 and beyond. that doesn't happen guys in 30s winning in tennis. >> since 1975 a 30-year-old. that is incredible. >> extremely hard on the body. >> what we are finding out is today's athlete are so much better conditioned than they were 30 years ago. it's amazing what they do now. >> you did a pretty terrific job. let me say that about you. >> i see where you are going with that. all right. we know this, cupcakes they are all the rage right now. starting soon, fans of the sweet treat will be able to indulge 24-7. later the first cupcake vending machine, where it will be installed. >> okay. first hollywood is mourning
8:38 am
the loss of ernest borgnine. we will take a look back at his life and legacy, next. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now, fresh-picked peaches are just 77 cents a pound. get a super low price on tide. $10.99 for 100 ounces. yoplait yogurt is just 50 cents. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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spity spun his -- spidey spun his web. he took the number one spot with $65 million in the u.s. does that go back to the 4th of july when it opened, the day before? the adult comedy ted came in second place followed by brave, savages and magic mike. >> producer chris says it does not. >> just for the weekend, okay. >> thank you. this morning hollywood's wake of fame will honor the life of earnest borgnine -- ernest borgnine. >> he died sunday at california's cedar sinai medical center with his family by his side. anita vogel takes a look at his career. >> reporter: ernest borgnine was born january 24th 1917. he joined the navy after high school serving for a decade rising in rank to gunners mate first class during world war
8:42 am
ii. >> the inspiration i got when i put the uniform on. >> afterwards it was his mother's idea he try acting. his career began on stage and bit parts in movies. his break came in 1953 from here to eternity. the role of sergeant fat so earned him a reputation in hollywood. in 1955 he took on a different character. >> comes new year's eve everybody starts arranging parties. >> reporter: in marty his sensitive performance as a bronx butcher searching for love showed his versatility. he later switched to the small screen in 1962 when he took on the most recognizable character, lieutenant commander
8:43 am
mchale in mchale's navy. the show lasted four seasons and earned him an emmy nomination. he had memorable roles in 1967's the dire identify dozen. >> you can -- dirty dozen. and 1969 the wild bunch. borgnine's personal life was as interesting as his professional one. he married five times and his month long third marriage to broadway star ethel manager man in 1964 is one of hollywood's shortest. in 1973 he finally settled down marrying his 5th wife toba. he kept working until the very ends. >> they don't plaque them like that any more. >> reporter: this academy award winner has a resume with more than 200 projects. he earned critical apparently claim and reputation as a good
8:44 am
guy despite playing the villains. he wasn't a leading man but he was hollywood's top character actor. while i never considered himself a cinema legend, most in the industry would beg to differ. he earned a lifetime achievement award in 2011. >> how proud we are that you chose to make your life the life of an actor. >> reporter: anita vogel, fox news. >> he was something. now this young generation knows his voice. if you ever watched sponge bob square pants, he is the voice of manager made man and tim conway, his old partner from mchale's navy is barney call boy. funny stuff. coming up, arlington national cemetery took a direct hit from last month's big storm. >> today it's getting tlc. holly is live with a look at
8:45 am
what is happening. >> very timely for this day of service. arlington was not spared when the storm hit. there are many trees that came down. today is the renewal and remembrance day. day. oreo and dunkin' are the perfect match for the perfect moment. enjoy the new oreo coolatta and donut today. america runs on dunkin'.
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8:48 am
we say hello to holly pierce. she is new to fox 5 morning news. we like to hear that. she is new thanks to her new son. she is up early in the morning. she has been a faithful viewer the past eight months. congratulations to you, holly on your new son and thank you for joining us. for you to be a chance to be the fan of the day, log on to the facebook page and leave a comment under holly's picture. a decision is going to be
8:49 am
made on a whole foods. the project has been stalled by complaints that the complex development would increase traffic. proponents maintain the plan would create jobs and provide quality food that is lacking in the county. good news if you are looking for a fresh late night snack. starting next month, sprinkles will have 24-hour cupcake dispensing machines at its bakery in the 3,000 block of m street northwest. the machine resembles an atm featuring a touch screen so customers can scroll through the flavors. it will cost you four bucks. >> interesting. >> it is interesting. broken branches and fallen trees aren't enough to keep one group from an annual tradition. >> volunteers and vets are bringing together patriotism and plant care. holly morris joins us live from
8:50 am
arlington cemetery. >> they just put it on their list of things to do, take care of the trees that were toppled during the storm. there are lots of beautiful trees here. there were some that were victims to the harsh storms that came rolling through here. stephen, you are joining me, what was the damage like after the storm. >> comparable to that of hurricane irene. we had about 12 larger trees that were uprooted or fallen over and unaccountable amounts of broken branches, limbs on the ground and since that time they started cleaning up the day after the storm and there are about 30 other trees that need to be removed. >> so, this day of renewal and remembrance comes at a good time. >> it is and it's sort of
8:51 am
ironic that it happens after the big storm. the good people that plan it, this is the 16th year of doing this work here. it really is good to see just people giving back to the veterans and their families and especially now with the storm damage and the drought it's getting dry and with wildfires out west for these people to take the time to come to arlington and do this, it's great to see. >> what kind of job is it to maintain something as large as arlington and something as priceless as arlington. >> it's an honor. this is my sixth year. this is america's national shrine and the trees here are a
8:52 am
treasure. so, it's an honor and privilege to work here. >> i have heard that from the people that work here and the people giving of their time today, people that are part of professional land care network. one of those people is joshua, you are out of pennsylvania. >> i am. we had the opportunity six years ago to preserve planet and giving back is an excellent honor to do. there is a lot of pride to be able to come here and do work. >> things aren't your every day trees you are taking care of. >> no, they are not. arlington cherishes and holds a lot of mature trees as stephen said. they need constant care.
8:53 am
>> you have guys already at work here. tell me what is going on. >> we have a large mature double stemmed red oak tree. two air worst have ascended the tree. we will install a support cable to help with stability and increased structural strength. with the additional support of two cables we hope to hold the tree for several years. >> you are reinforcing the tree so we can enjoy it that much longer. if you didn't do that, it would be the victim of the next storm or something that had to be taken down. >> absolutely. this tree has done that and this is one of the prime candidates to do that. it would be more of an increase
8:54 am
in failure than the neighboring red oak tree that has one single stem. >> you are doing lightning protection. >> we targeted 13 trees throughout the cemetery. five will have lightning protection installed today. several companies joined us to take part of the that is another way of preservation and prevention one of the key things. >> do you think people don't understand the skill and danger in doing what you all are doing there? >> it's very hazardous industry. we always say any second an accident can happen. the arborist that come here, we have a large staff. they use proper climbing techniques, proper equipment that you can see with the gentlemen up there now and there is a lot of training and safety involved in the industry. >> you know what, right now i think they have the best view
8:55 am
of the place. >> a lot of people are giving of their time and talent. my fox d.c. is our web site. we have a link to planet and the wonderful work they do. coming up there is also a children's element. we look learn about that. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. arlington cemetery will be the scene of an emotional burial. >> the long journey home for the six air many shot down more than 40 years ago. >> the future of prince george county schools after the loss of two top administrators. 
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good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm allison seymour. deja vu for parts of the viewing area. melanie alnwick has a look at the damage. >> then they thought for our country. four decades after the plane crashed after taking off from vietnam, six air many will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. sarah simmons has more on the heros. >> the search is on for a new school superintendent in prince george county. why william height is leaving and the deputy superintendent will not replace him. >> doze sense of the world's largest -- dozens of the world's largest animals popping up near shore. what is behind their move inland later this hour. >> all right. tucker barnes you and i talk about my dream to see whales in the wild. maybe i need to go where this is?